Todd Martin and Marizabel Arango formed TangoAlma in 1999, and with their unique chemistry have become one of the most popular tango performing and teaching couples in California.  Their performances have taken them across the continental United States, Hawaii and Mexico, sharing the stage with some of the world’s greatest tango dancers. 

They bring to the dance not only technical mastery but an amazing ability to flow from sensuality to comedy to sassiness while keeping faithful to the magical embrace that makes tango the world’s most expressive dance. Between them they posses an extensive background in classic music, dramatic arts, other social and ethnic dances including belly dance, hip hop, modern, flamenco and swing dancing. 

They are recipients of the House of Argentina Millennium Commission 2000 Award for Outstanding Dedication to the Dance and Music of Tango.  Performances have included the popular Las Vegas and New Orleans Tango Conventions as well as appearance with the San Diego Symphony and the San Diego Camarada Chamber Ensemble.

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Judy Solecki and Mike Markov have been dancing together since the beginning of the Millennium and were wed in 2003.  Mike Markov, also known affectionately as “Bg,” has been with TangoAlma since its inception, when Judy moved to California in an effort to escape her graduate studies and met the dashing young dancer.  The rest is a living romantic and passionate history that is expressed through their dancing today.  For them, tango is an artistic language with which they speak to each other and connect on an emotional level.

They have been involved with many different and important ventures in San Diego tango scene.  They helped found the Baila Tango franchise in San Diego, a tango school with a seriously global character.  They were founders of the Milonga Sin Nombre, one of the longest running milongas in San Diego.  Because introducing tango to a younger generation was important to them, they helped found the UCSD Tango Club and still teach the recreation class before the club practices and meetings.  Their college students have actively participated in other tango events in San Diego and some of the club officers now run are responsible for the Milonga Sin Nombre.

As a couple they have performed and taught internationally, but mostly, they like to be involved right here in San Diego, TangoAlma being a perfect fit and a true definition of cross town collaboration.

San Diego Dance Alliance Nations of Dance 2004-2005
The Chamber Music Ensemble Camarada 2005
El Portal Theater, Los Angeles, Granelli in Concert 2003
Las Vegas Tango Convention, 2003 & 2004
3rd New Orleans TangoFest
Café Sevilla
Casa de Argentina
Lago Tango Ball
San Diego Dance Alliance Summer Dance Festival
Tijuana Cultural Arts Center 'Noche de Poesia y Tango'
Springfield College Latin Cultural Arts Presentation
Corazón Del Tango theater production, Grossmont College
Clayton's Café
Copa Cabana Resort & Nightclub, Los Angeles
Hotel Del Mar, Rosarito, Mexico
Bravo's Festival of Dance
Del Mar Fair
Valentine Day’s at the City Heights Performance Annex
Festival of Dance at the City Heights Performance Annex
The SD Symphony 2003 Do the Tango and Get Arrested
The SD Symphony 2004 Taste of the Arts by the BayView